Delta-8 Gummies • Blue Raspberry • 375mg • 15ct

Delta-8 Gummies • Blue Raspberry • 375mg • 15ct


Not your Grandpas gummy!  Our brand new Delta-8 gummies are chewy, tasty, and tough to share with others. Experience the expert-formulated mellowing effects of Delta-8 in every bite. Available in Strawberry and Blue Rasberry, 




  • What is Delta 8



    What Is The Delta 8 THC Experience Like?

    Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid made from hemp plants that was made available thanks to new technologies and the 2018 Farm Bill. According to the bill, any hemp product with less than .3% THC is considered legal, and thus you can legally purchase Delta 8 THC product choices such as gummies, vapes, and tinctures. 


    Delta-8 products give you a different kind of high than traditional THC. Users report that the Delta 8 THC experience comes with less anxiety, doesn't impair their cognitive function or motor skills. Thus, Delta-8 THC offers a much more mild high than regular THC. 


    What's The Difference Between Delta 8 THC And Delta 9?

    There are 3 differences between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC (whereas Delta 9 THC is the traditional form): There are the differences on a molecular level, differences in availability and there are the differences when it comes to experiencing the highs.

    • Molecular: On a molecular level Delta 9 THC has a double bond on the 9th carbon chain whereas Delta 8 THC has a double bond on the 8th carbon chain. Despite this being a seemingly small difference, it yields big results.
    • Availability: The Delta 8 THC cannabinoid is less abundant than Delta 9 THC in the marijuana plant / cannabis plant - only with recent technological advances have we been able to isolate Delta 8 THC for it to be publicly available.
    • Experience: Delta 8 THC has been shown to give a similar "high" to Delta 9 THC but with less severe side-effects. The high produced by Delta 8 THC is described as "less intense, gentle, enjoyable and manageable". 


    What Are The Effects Of Our Delta 8 Gummies?


    User reviews report that our Delta 8 Gummies have helped individuals with anxiety, insomnia, pain, and focus. 



    These gummies are sure to please anyone who likes a little kick and enjoys the effects of D8! Unlike CBD gummies, these are slightly psychoactive and you may feel a mild and relaxing high without the anxiousness sometimes experienced with Delta-9 THC. In fact, many users prefer the D8 high over the D9 high.


    Where Do I Get D8 THC Gummies In Bulk?

    Our Delta 8 THC Gummies are also available in Bulk. If you want to purchase Delta 8 gummies in bulk, contact us today. 


    Drug Test Disclaimer: The lesser-known delta-8 THC is a double bond isomer of the more common delta-9 THC.

    Delta 8 is now illegal in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, and Utah.  In all other states, it is legal, but bear in mind that this is subject to change if state legislators determine that it should be classified as a controlled substance.  Therefore, before taking delta 8, you should always check with state laws, as laws regarding cannabis are prone to sudden change. 

    Although it might not have the same strength of delta-9delta-8 THC still has the ability of producing a high, with added therapeutic benefits. As with any hemp derived product a drug test may or may not show a positive reading for Delta-9 THC.


    Delta 8 THC Gummies Disclaimers and Warnings

    Consult your physician prior to using delta 8 gummiesDelta 8 Gummies are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any conditions. Do not use delta 8 gummies if pregnant, nursing, or if diagnosed with any health conditions. Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase. Although rare, Delta 8 THC may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure. If you have any issues related to the effects mentioned above, do not take delta 8 gummies unless approved by your doctor or physician.

    Delta 8 Shipping Policies


    Grandpas Family Farms retains the right to not ship to any states or territories where local laws conflict with H.R. 2: The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill. Due to Delta-THC 8 either being illegal or not explicitly legal according to state laws, this product does not ship to the following states:

    Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Michigan, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. This list will be updated as states change their policies.